The Value of a Long and Lasting Relationship

All of us have ups and downs regarding a true commitment in life. We have our own shadows of past, fear of entering a new commitment in life, to be hurt and fallen in love. But that is reality, we can’t control over our feelings, emotions as time passes by. Whether we like it or not it happens over a certain period of time…falling in love to a person who at first is a stranger and then it becomes the most important person in your life.


When we value the true relationship or commitment we look into the inner being of a person. We love unconditionally. We embrace not only the positive traits but s well as the negative traits of a person. We often get a lot of mistakes especially trying to adjust on each other’s personality. That is why true commitment and relationship does not happen overnight. It takes months, years to polish it. And if you truly value it, you will work hard for it, take care of it, never give up and continue to believe that nothing is impossible to two people who are in love with each other.


Accepting each other wholeheartedly with true and honest intentions makes up the beginning and the framework of a true relationship or commitment in life. Open communication is the key of success to long and lasting relationship. When we value the relationship we will not give up easily. We will try our very best to save and work for it. It’s a hard road but when two people who truly love each other walk hand in hand, not leaving each other, but supports one another; it will be easier to track the trail of the road to true, forever and everlasting love.

Falling in love open to the doors of hurt, fears and cries. But once you overcome these pressures in life with faith, trust and hope…you will have the true, incomparable and completeness of one’s life. Neverending happiness to the true love of your life.

Marriage is something to be cherished till we get old. No one likes to get old lonely. No one likes to dump the many years of living together. Everyone wants to keep marriage sanctified and forever if possible. It takes a wide range of patience, understanding, trust and honesty to reach the highest level of marriage…the everlasting love between two people even in the last chapter of their lives.


And when you find the true love of your life, don’t be afraid to tell how much you love and cherish them. Time is so short. Every minute counts. It’s hard to find a true and honest love on these days. But you will exactly feel the person whom God made and perfectly match for you.

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