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Most of the Australian population at large would have heard about the Government’s new initiative ‘The Line’.  The Line is a website which outlines the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour with respect to relationships. After listening to the podcast on the radio, I went to check out the website to do some research and read peoples comments left on the public forum. Some teenagers were offended by the Government’s attempt to build a site where the community can share their relationship issues, one mother expressed her frustration about her rebellious daughter who doesn’t spend much time with the family anymore, and another mother suggested that a new rainforest character for children to play with should be created where all proceeds will be donated to saving rainforests. Okay that’s a great idea environmentalist (I genuinely like her idea, and am not critisizing her), but what is the point of this website? Clearly the website’s message is supposed to help strengthen socially acceptable behaviour when breaking up with a partner, i.e., using open and honest communication to help solve your problems, rather than resorting to violent or aggressive behaviour or emotional or psychological abuse (The Line, 2010) and decreasing emotional abuse. Instead I got to read about the difference between respectful and unlawful behaviour, and another link to peoples’ comments which were nothing but off topic or criticizing the idea of the website (from what I read).

I guess the reason for this current article is because I am angry. A website is not going to decrease criminal activity, cyber-bullying, etc when the public are ignoring it. As much as I would like to hear less news stories (with all my heart) about young girls who have been lured by a Facebook friend to meet up and talk about a ‘job offer’, and are then brutally killed, this website is not the answer to solve all problems.

For example, do you think a 19-year-old guy, whose personality profile is the following:

  • Anxious and depressive
  • emotionally dependent,
  • controlling, and obsessive

would jump onto “The Line” after being dumped by his girlfriend? Without a doubt, you know he would call her obsessively, try and bump into her at places where she hangs out. As a result, she’ll ignore him, which will only aggravate him further.  He then will become nasty, and send her threatening text messages. She will probably tell her parents and they’ll tell her to ‘forget about him’. The end of this example could get really ugly, but ill draw the line there. My point is when does the ‘helpful’ website come into play for this situation to aid the heart-broken male? Most children with oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD, conduct disorders, and behavioural problems that do not receive proper care will become a threat to society with age. They won’t jump onto this website to learn the difference between right and wrong. These individuals are callous, apathetic, and ruthless.

So… what’s the alternative solution? I don’t know. The question is how can we heal the world, make it a better place? *shakes head* I don’t think it can ever be perfect.


The Line. (2010). The line- Crossing the line. Retrieved from

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  1. Maybe to other people this would be of great help but to others not…There are specifically positive and negative sites on this article…but I like the idea.

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