Mental Illness : Understanding Of The Term And Its Widespread Presence In The Children And Adults Of Australia
Mental illness is a clinically diagnosable disorder or disorders that significantly interferes with a individual’s
cognitive,emotional,or social abilities (Slade et al.2009). Mental illness covers disorders that vary in severity
and duration. It has a negative influence on the affected, his or her family and their whole social circle.
Adult Mental Illness
It has been judged that 1 in 5 Australians or 20% of the population in the adult age group between 16-85
every year would face or would be prone to mental illness. Studies have highlighted women are more
vulnerable to mental illness. The top 3 disorders that plague adults in Australia are

? Anxiety Disorders such as post -traumatic stress disorder and social phobia,
? Affective Disorders such as depression
? Substance Use Disorders such as alcohol dependent

Child Mental Illness
In Australia,1 in 7 children or 13.9% of the child population between 04-17 years are survivors of one or more
mental disorders. The top 3 disorders plaguing children are

? Major Depressive Disorder.
? Conduct Disorder

Psychotic Disorders

Australians between the age of 18-64 are also survivors of Psychotic disorder such as Schizophrenia and
have availed treatment from public specialized mental health services.
Mental Illness Health Care System In Australia
Once diagnosed with a mental illness, the patient often faces poverty, unemployment, homelessness,
isolation discrimination and stigma thus questioning the availability and affordability of an effective treatment.
Mental illness survivors have all rights to avail an effective treatment in an affordable manner. The survivor
has a right to an effective treatment within reasonable means which means being aware of the mental illness
health care system in our country. The survivor or the survivors close family / caregiver should cast an eye
on mental illness health care system and the other options put forth to smoothen the road towards an effective

? Support services and treatment services that is available to treat the survivor

? Government schemes for an effective treatment at subsidised rates
Survivors wanting to know other schemes and services funded additionally by the Australian Government
and that they can have an access to for easing their funds are the :

  1. The Medicare benefit scheme(Medicare) for other mental health services
  2. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme(PBS) & Repatriation Benefits Scheme(RPBS) for availing
    medicines in accordance to the prescription.
  3. Private health insurance premium rebates.
  4. Services under the Department Of Social Services Programs And Initiatives.
  5. Services under the Department Of Veterans Affairs Programs And Initiatives
    ? Specialised mental health care facilities

Survivors can make use of Specialized health care facilities such as overnight care, specialised health
care beds ,residential mental health care services are provided by the various public and private facilities
across Australia.

Choosing from the right option from above listed options can assist the survivor to take correct

course of treatment at an affordable rates.


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