Jhun (1)

Hi everyone! My name is Jhun, currently I am a part time Science High School teacher, and a preacher. I'm also a nurse by profession. One of my goals in life is to be a blessing to everyone. My deepest desire is to touch ones life and leave a footprint in their heart. I love to meet people from all walks of life, colors and nationality. I am hoping that my articles can help in some way and be a source of blessing to the reader. Please leave some comments. It will be my joy and satisfaction. God speed!

Cecille Silva (2)

My name is Cecille Silva. Pure Filipino and a proud Filipino, I studied a short two year course in Microcomputer Technology. I’m a happy wife and have a smart, attentive son. I’m currently working as an administrator. I love reading books, playing chess, listening to classic songs, making friends with everyone and exploring many things. I especially enjoy eating; exploring different cuisines and dishes. I do a lot more eating than cooking! I’m a person who always thinks positive thoughts, sensitive in my environment and a jolly person.