Suvangi Koirala (6)

My name is Suvangi, while I have no academic background in psychology, I am curious about the human mind. I hope to create reflective thoughts through my articles and help young adults ask themselves "what works", which sometimes may be different to following conventional methods of thinking and living.

Esther Li (2)

My name is Esther and I am currently studying Psychology and Marketing at UNSW. I want to write for Erudios because I think helping students go through the HSC process is very meaningful and helpful. Using my research skills from my psychology studies and my personal experience of Year 12 two years ago, I want to give tips and relevant information to students to improve their study and lifestyle balance during Year 12. I want to help students make year 12 their best year!

Susan (6)

My name is Susan, and I am currently studying media at UNSW. To be blatant, I like to not only observe and analyze individuals and life (in general); but I love to share life stories and a few cents of wisdom and advices too. From an early age, my vision has always been to inform, motivate, and inspire people, especially the younger generations. So through my rose-coloured glasses, I just want to share my views and experiences with everyone, and hopefully it will resonate something and benefit you in some enlightening way. Hope to see you all around.

Emma (22)

My name is Emma Mackenzie. I am currently studying at UNSW. I moved to Sydney from Adelaide at the start of 2010 for Uni and haven’t looked back. I love it here! I am half English which has made me love everything British, and I have lived in Oxford and Devon before. I love going out and meeting new people and making new friends.