Neeli Goonetilleka (1)

A qualified Communications professional, Neeli is passionate about holistic health & wellbeing with a wider focus on authentic living. Publishing and all things creative, inspire & motivate her.
With a natural flair for critiquing & editing she also enjoys crafting stories focussed on living an authentic life.
A keen photographer, you can find her on Instagram @dna.photographie. DM her here for collaborations or email

Sarah Hamilton (1)

Sarah Hamilton holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and Policy, and a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology with an emphasis in Cultural Studies. When living in the United States, Sarah held the honor of Child Ambassador representing World Vision, where she raised awareness for children and long term resources such as clean water, education, and health needs through child sponsorship. After working in the US non profit sector for ten years, Sarah relocated to Australia where she is now an United Nations Inspiration in Action Volunteer Advocate, a program contributing to peace and development.

Samuel Hui (2)

I am studying Media at Macquarie University. As a potential scriptwriter I am very interested in exploring relationships between people, like how different people react in situations and how people treat each other differently. I'm also interested in the power dialogue has on others and their sub-context in people's subconsciousness. I hope to share my point of view to others as well as getting feedback to further understand human relationships which could be used on scripts.

Kerrie Hui (14)

I am currently undertaking my Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Arts at UNSW. Since I was young I have been taught to learn from my own mistakes, and have since grown to realize that others’ experiences provide as much knowledge and insight to life as to my own personal encounters. Hence, my hunger to share and inspire others, to change and transform someone’s life grew. One of my lifetime goals is to make a positive difference to our communities, which I am hoping that publishing my articles will be the first stepping stone in achieving this vision. I hope you can take something, however little, from what I will write.