J.Vincent Jain (1)

I am Indian, interested in writing small articles, short stories, poems and more to inspire people towards a positive living. I do not believe that there is any need for formal education in the psychological field to know and study human behavior. "Experience is a master" is an important factor to treat any human being psychologically. I am working as an executive as well as head of HRD and Post Harvest in a community-based organization. I hope my experience coupled with my interest in writing could make a positive change to readers. I am post-graduated in Economics, Business administration and ecology and environment. Looking forward to hear from the readers.

Ammy Cheung (1)

I’ve noticed that sometimes what we search for, we don’t find. And I’ve noticed that sometimes what we expect can confine us. So when you read, don’t search for answers you can only find within yourself. And when you read, don’t expect a standard outcome based on false pretensions.
Instead, keep your mind open to new possibilities and fill in your time reading the writings of a not-so-typical Asian girl.
-Undergraduate studying Psychology as a Major at the University of Sydney.Sydney

vera may depano (2)

Vera is my name and reading is my game =)) I am a twenty one year old that have a simple ambition in life- to be happy and contented in anything that was given to me.I am loner, I have my own world and my own friends - a piece of paper and a pen. I love to write anything that comes to my mind in a paper, if I am mad, sad, happy or what particular feeling i have inside, they are the one who first to know. Please bare with me because I am not really an writer, I'm just a plain girl wanted to share my opinions, ideas, thoughts, experiences in life to others. I'm hoping that by this, I can gain many friends. See yah! God bless us =))

Katy Espiritu (17)

My name is Katy and I am currently taking up my Certificate in Teaching Program here in the Philippines. One of my interest is reading and writing different blogs’ articles. I believe it widens your understanding and views about different subjects, life and reality of this world no matter who you are or what country or nationality you belong.I hope my articles will promote goodwill, friendship, beliefs and culture about life and my country. I'll be glad if you will leave a comment after reading my article. God Bless!

Emily Fox (18)

I am an Arts/Science student at UNSW. Even though it is not my major field of study, I think psychology is particularly interesting. Everything we do, everything we see in the news, can be explained to some extent using knowledge gained from the field of psychology. It applies to every situation, in a far more personal way than other areas, so I think it can be very helpful for everybody to have an understanding of it. I hope that through my writing I can help people see the world from this perspective, and draw their attention to things they might not have noticed otherwise.