Are we attracted to drama?

Try sitting still for five minutes and watch how many thoughts come to mind. It is not just that they come to mind and pass, but every thought will give you the urge to react, leaving you feeling restless. The culture of having to do something or feel something all the time is so big in our society that doing nothing can almost make you feel like you are dead. By doing this, are we complicating simple things in life in order to create drama? Why do we do this?  Some say it is a battle between the heart and mind, the most logical and rational solution is not always the most satisfying, and others say drama is part of who we are. Well, drama does generate interesting conversation when you are catching up with your mates. Is there an innate part of us that wants to feel a lot of unnecessary emotions to make us feel alive, to make us feel like we are doing “something” with our lives? Or perhaps the need to create drama represents insecurities we have about ourselves.

Perhaps it is easy to complicate things but harder to keep them simple because it may be easier to give in to the momentary thrill that drama brings however it may require some discipline to chose a more simple path. The mind games we play with each other to create drama is incredible. “He/she called me so I won’t call him/her back until tomorrow because I don’t want to look too keen” is such a common phrase that it almost sounds like a cliché nowadays. These mind games can sometimes snowball into messy break- ups because you may have hardly spent genuine time getting to know the person since you were too busy serving your ego. Break -ups are the most common form of drama, which undoubtedly leads to lots of nights out with your mates to help you lick your wounds. If you had taken a less complicated road to begin with, maybe the result would have been more positive. I think it is a very big misconception to assume that people who listen to their hearts attract more drama because they are more emotional. I think the heart is intuitive, if anything, it will always lead you to a positive light and not take you down the road of self-destruction.

Drama can make us feel alive because it gives us the impression that we are putting ourselves out there, we are getting involved in things, getting exposed to different emotions, and becoming more experienced in life. This is fine if you are learning from it. But if you are caught up in wanting drama all the time to make yourself feel secure, you might be attracting a lot of negativity in life. A good way to avoid drama is to come out of the habitual thinking process of “what will he/she think?” and ask yourself what you genuinely want. Most of the time the answer is right there in plain words, simple and constructive, but it is up to you make the choice.

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