“You and Me” was launched in 2009 as one of the projects sponsored by Erudios Pty. Ltd. Earlier this project had the name “Personal Psychologist”.  Young and enthusiastic psychology students decided to collaborate their efforts and provide the wider public with quality inspirational information, assisting the community with psychological issues through passion and dedication to change for the better. In early 2010, under new legislation, the magazine received full non-profit status under the governance of DAY (Devoted Australian Youth Inc.) Also during that time, the magazine made some friends in the Philippines and now we have authors from overseas contributing their inspirational and touching stories.

“You and Me” is an online magazine aimed to provide free information to the public. During the past three years we have come across talented and passionate individuals, sincerely wishing to help and support the people around them. However, while such raw passion was always there, there were limited opportunities to utilise it. Thanks to Erudios’ financial and DAY’s logistic support and sponsorship, students have received access to real quality work experience with an opportunity to make difference in people’s lives.

We believe that the sincere attitude which all of our volunteers possess, is the key to a healthy community. Through the use of modern technology and digital media we want to foster and nurture this passion and attitude, in order to bring about a kinder and more supportive generation, which will make change both locally and globally.

Sincerely yours,
“You and Me” Team.